First Cenacle at Couples for Christ Global Mission Center

Couples for Christ Global Mission Center conducted its first Cenacle last June 6, Friday. It was attended by employees working for the different departments and ministries of CFC and was led by Fr. Thomas Villanueva. 

The message read by Sis. Manette Acero, CFC Finance Manager and is an active member of the Marian Movement of Priests Philippines, was very timely and appropriate since most of the attendees are mothers and have their own share of sorrows. 

Message 457 
Budapest (Hungary), September 15, 1991
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Great Is My Sorrow

(a) "Today you find yourself here in order to hold two great cenacles with the priests and the faithful of my Movement in Hungary.

(b) You see the deep wounds left by so many years of harsh communist oppression. But with joy you are able to contemplate the new buds which have sprouted from so much suffering, and today you are gathering them up in the heavenly garden of my Immaculate Heart.

(c) Give to all the balm of my motherly tenderness. Make it felt how great my Mother's love is, for them.

(d) Here, I have personally intervened to bring these children of min along the road of their liberation from a great slavery. 

(e) But great is my sorrow in seeing that all humanity is still a slave to materialism, to practical atheism, to hedonism, to rebellion, to hatred and to impurity. 

(f) Great is my sorrow because my motherly and anguished calls for conversion and for a return to the Lord are not being listened to or followed. 

(g) For this reason, I turn again to you, my beloved ones and children consecrated to me, and I ask you to offer to the Lord your life of prayer and of suffering, in a spirit of love and of reparation, for the salvation of this poor humanity, which is rushing along the road of its own destruction. 

(h) Thus, by means of you, I am able to continue my motherly work of mercy, which I have begun in these countries, but which I must still bring to completion in every part of the world, for the triumph of my Immaculate Heart."

Attendees of the first cenacle at the CFC Global Mission Center. (Photo courtesy of Alma Alvarez.)